What if we could change the world... with just the change in our pockets?
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The Need

Non-profit organizations provide some of the most essential functions in any community. Services that we rely on are often on the shoulders of organizations that are run almost entirely by volunteers. I'm not only talking about helping those from lower income communities. I'm talking about things that can impact anyone such as disaster relief and education and the arts. These are things that really make our community rich and full and great to live in.

However, as you know, it takes money to provide these services, and what any leader in the non-profit sector will tell you is that this is a constant concern. Depending on the generosity of donors or the potential to receive a grant is time consuming, unreliable, and most importantly, can impact the quality of the services being provided. Here at Our Common Cents, we believe that we've developed a strategy that will (at least somewhat) alleviate these problems.

Our Solution

Sometimes being asked to donate a large chunk of money can seem daunting, especially in tough economic times like these. Even if you really love an organization or a cause or a project, it can be very hard to find that room in your budget. If only... there was an easy way to make that worry disappear AND contribute to the great work in your community?

That's where we come in!

Our Common Cents is a company dedicated to the promotion of philanthropy in our community. We provide an easy, fast portal for community members to give to their favorite non-profit organizations without breaking the bank! Our methodology is simple and setting up your account is fast.

So how do we do it?
  1. Find the organization you want to support.
  2. Next click the Donation Subscription. button, and this is where all of the magic happens. This little button enable you to create a donation schedule.
  3. Can't afford to give $150 today? That's okay. That's not easy for a lot of us. But could you give $3 per week for a year? Now that seems more manageable! See your money put to good use and your community grow together. Like we said, simple.

We hope that you'll consider signing up and start your donation subscription today!

You work for a non-profit organization? Create a page for your organization today!

Comments? Questions? Need help? Drop us a line!

Founder: Dominic Go

Dominic is a 28 year old native of South Bend, IN. He is passionate about a lot of things but here are some of the most important ones to know:

  • Community development
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Music
  • Writing about himself in the third person

Our Common Cents is the combination of several of these passions, and hopefully the beginning of a new wave of philanthropy. If you want to learn more about Dominic, you can visit his site here, but he honestly hopes you ignore this biography entirely and instead spend your time finding a great organization to support!

Shout outs
  • Foundation - a fantastic, open source framework (and also core to the design of this site)
  • Paul Zakas - a dear friend and advisor to us.
  • Seth Godin - read him, everyday. Seriously.
  • Idealist - doing truly great work!

We promise to get back to you soon!

There are no current openings, but we're expanding so something could open up any day!