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Room In The Inn

What we do:
Room In The Inn is a religious, non-profit organization providing comprehensive service to those who call the streets of Nashville home. The roots of the organization date back to 1971, when we were first recognized as a 501(c)(3). We have worked to provide hospitality, hope and healing for the homeless in Nashville for 29 years. Our start came with our Founding Director, Father Charles Strobel, inviting individuals into his church from the cold, offering shelter and hospitality. Room In The Inn is Nashville's only comprehensive single site of services and its second largest provider of services to the homeless community. Our Educational Day Center, known as Hope University, has been functioning since 1995. Our services, rooted in hospitality and life-long learning, promote recovery from life on the streets and empower participants to become self-sufficient and contributing members of society. In partnership with over 180 local congregations, we provide emergency shelter during the winter months. In addition, we provide case management, housing for those in alcohol and drug treatment, respite care, educational opportunities, job readiness, access to wrap-around services, and affordable housing. Our mission is to provide programs emphasizing human development and recovery through education, self-help and work, centered in community and long-term support for those who call the streets of Nashville home. Emphasizing the scriptural ideals of love and community through service to the homeless, our Campus also provides faithful people of Nashville an opportunity to respond directly to the broken and disenfranchised among us.

Website: http://www.roomintheinn.org
Area of Focus: Housing and Homelessness
Address: PO Box 25309
Nashville TN, 37202

For more information contact us at melanie.barnett@roomintheinn.org!

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